Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gather, The App For Organizing Meetups, To Shutdown

Gather was launched on July, 20 2012 by Mikeal Rogers and Max Ogden to help bring people together. Gather for Android, iPhone, and web is used to share your upcoming plans with your Facebook and Twitter friends as well as those in your Gather network. The clean and simple interface makes creating, broadcasting, and managing your meetups quick and easy while giving you a single place to stay up to date with nearby friends' plans.

Today, Mikeal announced that with finances running out and a small user base they have decided it is time to phase out Gather. Unfortunately this answers Techcrunch's statement "Now let’s see about that traction". The good news for users is that there is enough money to keep the apps available and the service running until the end of the year!

Gather truly did an amazing job of creating a simple and useful product. It will be sad to see them go, but perhaps it will get enough traction this year to justify them getting more venture capital. They have praised Atlas Venture, there seed investor, for their continued support, which is great to hear. Give the app a try if you have not before and follow them on Twitter for updates. Have you tried Gather?