Sunday, April 3, 2011

Infographic and Commentary of Rumored Apple iPhone 5 Features

NowhereElse has produced a great infographic showing all the rumored features of the upcoming iPhone 5 launching this year. The progress bar below each shows the chance it will be true. With the information Sony revealed yesterday I think we could crank up the "Better Camera" to about 95%! Below the image you can read my thoughts on which will be there or not.

Better Camera - I agree that the 8 megapixel camera will be there.
No Home Button - I highly doubt they would get rid of the physical button all together; having it on the side is very possible.
Bigger Screen - I agree it will be larger, but not by much. Freeing up space by moving the home button would make this a reality. Making the screen to much larger and therefore the phone would not be good. After all, this is a phone and not the iPad.
Better Resolution - Won't happen; if it does it would be for output only and not the native screen.
Same Design - Agreed; they nailed the design with the iPhone 4.
New Design - Not now; iPhone 6 would be a better time.
White Models - Yes they will have a white version.
Physical Keyboard - No way
64 Gigabyte Version - I hope they at least offer it.
Full High-Def Video Recording - No way
Low-Cost Models - Would not happen; not the way Apple does business.
No Internal Storage - Unlikely
3D Display - No
Better Battery - They always try to improve, but I believe more control and longer life will come from the software/programming.
CDMA - Done deal; it will be there.
R-UIM MicroCards Compatible - Not sure on this one.
Duel SIM Cards - No, and why would it?
NFC Technology - Yes, I certainly hope it is there. NFC is where things are headed.
A5 Processor - It will be in the iPhone 5.
More RAM - Not needed unless they are going to compete with the Atrix.
HDMI Output - Would be a nice to have, but I will say it won't be there.
4G/LTE Support - Not sure
New Voice Controls - Expect it
iTunes Cloud - Sure, but it would be an app that you could get on all iPhones.
iOS 5 - It will launch with the 5th iPhone
Availability - I would estimate a Holiday season launch (October).

What do you think will be there or not? Let everyone know in the comments.

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