Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Muisco Blogging - A Full Tour

Muisco is billed as blogging the way it was intended to be. Join me via a screenshot tour as I traverse the website and service for the first time.


Logging in via Twitter

Back to after logging in. This is also your profile; clicking on "your profile" brings you to this page.

Clicked on "new blog"

Filled out information

After clicking "Start Blogging". You can see the blog is also listed in the right panel.

Clicked "Edit Setting" (three screenshots). I filled in the information for Disqus, Twitter, Angellist, and Website.

After clicking "Save settings" I come back to here.

Let's try a post; I just clicked on "write one". A little tutorial the first time around would be nice, but we will figure it out.

When you click on "Your post title.." and "Your post summary.." you can type in there.

I clicked on the Twitter logo and enter my username and hit enter and it pulled up a list of my tweets. You can search by keyword also to use any tweet

You can drag tweets over to the pending blog post.

Same principle for Flickr (I was having issues with my Facebook connection so I will come back to that).

Facebook also works the same way. You can pull in status updates and posts from you and others as well as photos. (I wonder if there are any privacy implications?)

You will notice on the right side a and "g". The ¶ is for entering text and the "g" is for bringing in a Gist from Github. (no screenshot for this)

Clicked "Publish"; nothing happens except the button changes to "Unpublish".

Back to blog. You can see you can delete, edit, view the post, and look at comments from here.

Viewing post (two screenshots). I don't see a way to comment or a comments section; it should be integrated with Disqus. I went back and checked my Disqus settings on the "Edit setting" page and they are set up as directed.

Viewing the blog homepage publicly. It looks the same as the above screenshot because I only have the one post.

First impressions: 
  • A micro blogging platform in it's infancy
  • Simple, clean, and pretty easy to use
  • The drag and drop function is sweet and really innovative
  • Privacy needs to be addressed in someway for people to be comfortable (not that anything is wrong)
  • Text needs ability to be formatted and hyperlinked  
  • Building a post is pretty intuitive
  • Needs tutorials and hover over information to help new users
  • The comments need to be fixed
  • There is an auto save/publish function when editing that should be removed
Overall it has potential, but a ways to go to be competitive with other blog and microblog services. You can follow their progress on Twitter and via their Blog.

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