Monday, October 3, 2011

MusicBox For Android Uses An Interesting Interface To Create Tunes

An alpha version of MusicBox by Scott Haley was just release today on the Android Market. It is an interesting way to create a simple melody or song with game metrics. With the app you arrange pieces called noteblocks that correspond to specific notes and a when a ball is released it bounces off each block on to the next creating a sound on impact. More than one ball can be used to increase the depth of music.

The below demo video starts off with the basic functions and moves on to a more complex piece. You can download MusicBox for Android for 99 cents which I think is a bad move at this early stage; free is the way to go. More people testing, giving feedback, and getting the word out would be better. It looks promising and the final product could be marketed to different groups of people Check out the video and screenshots below.


  1. I just got this new app few hours ago, and my kids haven't put it down! Love it!

  2. So addicted, OMG!