Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snapjoy Stores And Organizes Your Photos - Review, Tour, And Invites

Snapjoy effortlessly organizes your photos while being backed up in the cloud. The website provides a simple and fast interface for uploading your pictures. The startup was founded by JP Ren and Michael Dwan because, as two photographers, they wanted a safe place to share pictures with people while automatically organizing the ever increasing quantity of images taken and stored.

There are no storage/upload limits during the beta period. After that, you will get 5 GB of storage for free with additional paid options available; no word on when the beta will end, but JP said users will be given at least 30 days notice. The free plan is exceptional compared to 1 GB on Picasa, 2 GB on Dropbox, and Flickr's 300 MB monthly limit (it would take you seventeen months to upload 5 GB). If you are not backing up your photos offsite in the cloud then this is a great chance to do just that. Snapjoy has given me twenty invites exclusively to give to you so be sure to request an invite (instructions at the end). Time for the tour!

The home page - be sure to check out the Live Demo.

Creating your account is fast and only needs minimal information. There are no privacy options because the default is, and always will be, private.

It lets you know if your selected username is available. The shown username URL is not currently active, but they plan to offer more public types of sharing in the future, at which time I believe this profile will play a role.


Now it is time upload your pictures. For Windows and Mac you can do a traditional upload where you select the files (I used this method). They also offer "Shoebox" for Mac, which offers a drag and drop style upload.

During the upload you have the ability to cancel individual files from uploading. You will notice only JPG and JPEG are supported. The ability to support RAW files is being looked at.

Upload complete and images are being processed.

If your images lack EXIF data the system is not able to properly organize them. If you are uploading them right out of the camera then this should not be an issue, but if it is for whatever reason, you are able to adjust the date and time details of any photo as shown later on.

After uploading my second set I came to my Timeline.

This is the individual photo display and edit page with a commenting section.

On the left are your editing icons where you can download, rotate, edit date/time details, and delete the photo. The download functionality could use some work as it only opens another tab/window with the full resolution version so that you can right click on it to save the image.

Over to the right side is your sharing button.

Edit the date and time taken.

There are many Library views available. This is the Timeline view we saw before where you can click each row title to drill down further.

Last Roll shows your 48 most recent uploads.

Remember when is fun, especially with a large Library. It randomly displays a photo to bring back your memories.

Shared with you shows the photos you have access to that where shared by your family and friends.

Unsorted (Lost & Found) brings the pictures together that have no date and time information so that you can update them.

This is the view after pressing the delete icon; it moves that photo to your trash.

Your trash folder's images will automatically delete after 30 days, or you can empty it immediately.

Restoring a deleted image is easy.

The settings page lets you view your information and change your password.

Overall the service is clean and responsive with the available storage size and back up aspect being its selling point. Sharing is currently simple but effective, although I hope to see additional features soon. Those features, or others, are coming soon because they have told me to "expect new things within the next week". Snapjoy has some serious work to contend on a large scale but they have built a very strong base platform with an excellent UI to build off of. Besides more social features, enhanced sharing, and better downloading I personally hope to see automatic uploading (desktop and mobile), printing options, embedding capabilities, and enhanced image editing.

I highly recommend you try it out and let everyone know what you think in the comments below. If you want an invite please email me at and I will get you in. Enjoy! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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