Friday, March 15, 2013

How To Add Google+ Sharing FeedFlare To FeedBurner

With Google's decision to shut down Google Reader I wanted to make sure my RSS readers could still easily share to Google+. This will also add sharing to other readers such as The Old Reader. Using FeedBurner to publish your feed allows you to add sharing links called FeedFlare to each item. Oddly, they do not have an official one for Google+ so I set one up.

Simply follow the below instructions which, along with other information, can also be found on Google Code and GitGub.
  1. Go to FeedBurner and login
  2. Select the feed you want to work with
  3. Go to the Optimize tab
  4. Click FeedFlare on the left side
  5. Scroll down to Personal Flare
  6. Add your Flare Unit URL
    1. Google+ Flare Unit URL:
    2. You can also host the Flare Unit yourself
  7. Click the Add New Flare button
  8. Click the checkbox(es) next to your new unit
  9. Scroll down and press Save/Activate
If you have any questions please as them in the comments section. Enjoy!


  1. Interesting but somehow complex method. But I like it.

  2. This is amazing....thanks for sharing

  3. Dain, given the Reader shutdown - surely you'll be thinking of alternative RSS burning solutions? Could be a topic for a new post?

    1. Rebecca, it sure could be. Up first, and in the works now, is a post of the best RSS readers out there. This list will be based on extensive actual use unlike the majority of recomendation posts out there. To give you an idea of the scope; I spent a week just to find all the candidates.