Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laptop Batteries

After only 13 months of daily plugged in use, with a vacation or two where I actually used the battery heavily, my laptop battery lost most of its capacity. I noticed if I went to a different room (always bringing the plug) the indicator would say I have about 15 minutes left on a full charge. Good times.

Why do laptops have to use the battery when plugged in? When this happened I went researching and found when plugged in the battery is constantly charging and unchanging with fervor. Can't an automatic switch bypass the battery when plugged in? Until the manufacturer fix this issue (maybe they don't want to) there is something you can do.

When you get your new laptop don't plug it in. Just use it on battery power until the battery is dead; this lines up all those little electrons and gets the entire battery working as one cohesive unit. (You should do this for cell phones also). Once the battery is dead charge it up 100% then use the laptop on battery power until about 50% remains. Now pull the battery out and store it at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity below 60%. Now you can use the laptop with only the power cord.

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