Tuesday, April 5, 2011

46 Analytic Tools to Measure Visits, Social Shares, Influence, Reach, and More

In our current days of increasing social web usage we must, at a minimum, keep an eye on where web traffic is originating from and if it is a result of our own action or a true social share. Comparing ourselves to peers is also a powerful tool. Using these services will enable you to increase readership and social interactions by working smarter and being more engaging.

  • Agora Pulse - Realtime dashboard tracks Facebook and Twitter engagement levels; compare to competitors
  • Beak Score - Determine the reading grade level of your Tweets
  • BuzzFeed - Social traffic tracking with viral spread impact and sources
  • CircleCount - Google+ follower count history, post activity, and influence
  • ContentScorer - Ranks Tweets based on the followers a Tweet got you, its Retweets, and replies (private beta)
  • Crowdbooster - Your best Tweets and Facebook posts and the optimal time to send them (paid)
  • Favstar - Leaderboard of favorite Tweets; discover popular/trending updates from the Twitterverse.
  • Foller.me - Twitter user data about topics, mentions, hashtags, followers, and location
  • Followerwonk - Discover who your Twitter followers are, where they live, and when they Tweet
  • Friend or Follow - Helps you increase the signal to noise ratio of Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Google Analytics - Traditional analytics, real-time dashboard, and in-depth social analysis
  • Google Page Speed - Tests and offers solutions to speed up your site for desktop and mobile
  • Google+ Statistics - Google+ social rank, follower growth, and post activity
  • HelloSociety - Pinterest statistics, feed of fan shares, top influencers, and traffic analysis
  • JustUnfollow - Feature rich unfollower service for Instagram and Twitter
  • Klout - Social influence rating based on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and more
  • Kred - Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook influence tracker
  • Mention -Monitor and analyze mentions of your name, brand, website, etc across the web
  • Mentionmapp - Visual way to explore your Twitter network and discover interacted people
  • PeerIndex - Social score based on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and your blog
  • PeerReach - Tracks Twitter influence and expertise of topics; finds likeminded influential people
  • Piwik - Real-time traditional web analytics that is installed on your web server
  • Qwitter - Informs you via email when another Twitter member has stopped following you
  • ReTweet Rank - Track your rank and retweets
  • SharedCount - Shares on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Delicious, StumbleUpon
  • Social Crawlytics - Where competitor's content is shared; metrics, most shared authors/content
  • Social.co - Google+, Twitter, and Facebook stats, predictions, influencial follows, and more
  • SocialRank - Find your most valued and engaged Twitter followers
  • Statigram - Metrics about your Instagram account
  • SumAll - Connect 28 services to see social interactions, commerce/payments, site traffic, etc.
  • Tailwind - Pinterest analytics with audience's interests, relationships, and keyword monitoring
  • Teebler - Reddit, Digg, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter mentions along with domain stats
  • Technorati - Provides authority ranking by topic and shows some backlinks
  • Topsy Alerts - Track mentions of your brand, event, name, site, or favorite topic on Twitter
  • TOTEMS - Analytics and engagement platform for Instagram
  • TrueSocialMetrics - Conversation and amplification rates, engaging topics, influencers
  • TweetPsych - Creates a psychological profile of any public Twitter user; identifies user traits
  • TweetReach - How many people saw your tweets, and who contributed to their reach
  • Tweriod - Measures when your Twitter followers are active
  • Twilert - Finds and emails Tweets based on specified hashtag, mention, keyword, and domain
  • Twitalyzer - Comprehensive Twitter metrics (paid)
  • Twitonomy - Twitter analytics, insights, and mentions along with monitoring and data downloads
  • TwitSprout - Charts your Facebook page and Twitter stats (growth, influence, engagement)
  • Twitter Counter - Tracks your followers and predicts how many you will have in the future
  • Twtrland - Snapshot of presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; analysis, demographics, metrics
  • Unfollowers.me - Notifies you when Twitter users unfollow you; also manage who you follow

What is your favorite social analysis tool or service? Let us know in the comments below.


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