Friday, July 1, 2011

Google+ Chrome Extensions

Google+ is out and I am enjoying it. They have done very well with Circles and redeemed themselves from the Buzz and Wave social attempts. Many Chrome extensions have emerged to enhance your experience:

Nuke Comments on Google+ - Delete a comment and block the commenter in two clicks. Take control of your Google+ experience.

CircleCount - The official Chrome extension of - showing information about Google+ Profiles and Pages directly on Google+.

G+Twitter for Google Plus - Realtime Twitter client for Google+

Full Article+ - See full articles shared in Google+ and focus on the main clutter-free content. All without leaving the comfort of Google+

Quick Hangouts for Google+ - Adds a link underneath the 'Start a Hangout' button to join any active hangouts, in Google+ (Google Plus)

G+ Stream Pause - Pause your Google+ stream so you can take your time reading or watching videos posted

Uncircle+ - Remove inactive people from your Google+ circles

Google+ Notifications - Official Google extension to view notifications of Google+ activity when signed in, anywhere you go on the web

Google +1 Button - Official Google extension to +1 a web page, anywhere you go on the web

Publish sync for Google+ & Facebook - Provides two-way syncs Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk. It supports article, video, pictures and web links.

PinIt - Put a pin in your favourite post and add it to the sidebar in Google+

Circlestar for Google+ - Star posts in Google+ for later reference, just like you star emails in Gmail. (Does not sync across computers.)

Stationary Columns for Google+ - Keeps the Google Nav bar and side columns stationary.

Surplus - Brings your Google+ Notifications to the browser. This works great and is the best way to see your notifications as you browse.

Extended Share for Google Plus - Adds a "Send to ..." link next to the native Share link under a post. This will send a link to the post as found on your Google Profile to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Helper for Google+ also has a Twitter share function.

Google+ - A simple bookmark. (Dial Google+ also does this.)

Notification Count for Google Plus - Extension for displaying unread notification count for Google Plus. This does not show you the notifications like Surplus does; just counts the unread ones.

Enhanced Toolbar for Google Plus - Keeps the top toolbar always visible on the Google+ page like G+Fix and Sticky+ Blackbar does.

Color Plus - An extension that replaces any Google Plus bar with green instead of black, or other colors.

Hide Google+ Notification - Takes the notifications out of the GooglePlus bar.

+Photo Zoom - Easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream. Photo Viewer for Google+ is another option.

GTools+ - Change the default color (red) of the notification bubble, and other tools.

Google Plusbar (a bookmarklet) - Access to BBC News, Al Jazeera, Amazing Radio, Grooveshark, TWiT, and Pirillo seamlessly integrated into the top of your Google+ Stream.

Beautify G+ - Enhances the look of Google+ and allows you to +1 any website you are on.

G+ Count in Title - Places the G+ notification count in parenthesis in the document title located in the page tab.

Plus One Anything - Adds the ability to +1 most web pages. Google +1 provides the same functionality.

Helper for Google+ - Share Google+ Posts with people on twitter and translate posts with Google Translate.

Replies and more for Google+ - Adds reply and reply-to-author links, and other tweaks.

G+ Count Favicon - Replaces the favicon on with one that shows the current notification count.

QuickView for Google Plus - Adds QuickView style keyboard shortcuts for Google Plus.

Like+1 - Turns Like buttons into Like+1 buttons so you can Like and +1 at the same time.

g+ Stream Pruning - Hide certain posters from any of your streams (not blocking).

Google+Tweet - Your Twitter timeline inside G+. (Some questions over the security of this extension have emerged; proceed at own risk.)

Google+Facebook - Facebook's news feed inside G+. (Some questions over the security of this extension have emerged; proceed at own risk.)

Usability Boost for Google Plus - This extension will help you visualize the flow of informations on Google Plus.

Google+ Ultimate - Changes the look of G+ as well as making the top black bar and the left side bar float.

Google+ Tweaks - Tweaks to the layout and features of Google+ (Google "Plus") Full width, thumbnails only, etc.

Google+ Comments - Collapse comments on Google+ and just show a count under the original post.

GIF Stopper - Stops animated GIFs from running in G+ and other sites.

GPlus+ Search - Search Public GPlus Content

G+me for Google+ - Chrome extension that collapses the Google+ stream into a real-time dashboard

Google Plus Bar Minus - You can turn on/off the google bar

Check back for more as I will add them when more are created (or, delete if they become inactive). If you know of other extensions for Google+ please share in the comments. Enjoy +'ing!

(Last edited November 22, 2011)


  1. I am satisfied with Google. Now it's being extended to Google Chrome. I appreciate it. All the best for Google.

  2. Thanks Branislav, I just added it (Plus One Anything) the list.

  3. Careful. Google+Facebook is, if not fully, close to being Malware. Aside from reading your stuff and transmitting it, it also inserts itself into signatures in GMail to promote itself, phones home, runs many analytics over pages that aren't even in the Google universe, and more. It also can not be uninstalled cleanly unless a lot of work is done.

  4. No love for the Like+1 extension?
    Works well in conjunction with a facebook like button extension. Now if we could get a +1+Like extension that would be even better, as I think the +1 button looks better.

  5. Nice Joshed, I added it, thank you.

  6. I also have a simple, easy-to-use extension that allows you to jump to your friends' profiles via their shortnames.

  7. Olivier, do you have a link to that extension?

  8. GPlus+ Search, this extension allows search into public google+ content,

  9. Would plusbar count as a must have extention, even if it's a bookmarklet?

  10. will this site be the one to follow on all and new G+ extensions?

  11. I just released my own extension which allows you to collapse posts while still getting updates on new comments. It also shows the notification status on a browser icon no matter where you are.

    Here's the discussion on Google+:

    Hope you find it useful.

  12. Start G+, imports FB photos and adds FB and Twitter stream to G+ stream or sub-stream if preferred.

  13. Plus1ify is my favorite: