Friday, July 1, 2011

Google+ Chrome Extensions

Google+ is out and I am enjoying it. They have done very well with Circles and redeemed themselves from the Buzz and Wave social attempts. Many Chrome extensions have emerged to enhance your experience:

Nuke Comments on Google+ - Delete a comment and block the commenter in two clicks. Take control of your Google+ experience.

CircleCount - The official Chrome extension of - showing information about Google+ Profiles and Pages directly on Google+.

G+Twitter for Google Plus - Realtime Twitter client for Google+

Full Article+ - See full articles shared in Google+ and focus on the main clutter-free content. All without leaving the comfort of Google+

Quick Hangouts for Google+ - Adds a link underneath the 'Start a Hangout' button to join any active hangouts, in Google+ (Google Plus)

G+ Stream Pause - Pause your Google+ stream so you can take your time reading or watching videos posted

Uncircle+ - Remove inactive people from your Google+ circles

Google+ Notifications - Official Google extension to view notifications of Google+ activity when signed in, anywhere you go on the web

Google +1 Button - Official Google extension to +1 a web page, anywhere you go on the web

Publish sync for Google+ & Facebook - Provides two-way syncs Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk. It supports article, video, pictures and web links.

PinIt - Put a pin in your favourite post and add it to the sidebar in Google+

Circlestar for Google+ - Star posts in Google+ for later reference, just like you star emails in Gmail. (Does not sync across computers.)

Stationary Columns for Google+ - Keeps the Google Nav bar and side columns stationary.

Surplus - Brings your Google+ Notifications to the browser. This works great and is the best way to see your notifications as you browse.

Extended Share for Google Plus - Adds a "Send to ..." link next to the native Share link under a post. This will send a link to the post as found on your Google Profile to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Helper for Google+ also has a Twitter share function.

Google+ - A simple bookmark. (Dial Google+ also does this.)

Notification Count for Google Plus - Extension for displaying unread notification count for Google Plus. This does not show you the notifications like Surplus does; just counts the unread ones.

Enhanced Toolbar for Google Plus - Keeps the top toolbar always visible on the Google+ page like G+Fix and Sticky+ Blackbar does.

Color Plus - An extension that replaces any Google Plus bar with green instead of black, or other colors.

Hide Google+ Notification - Takes the notifications out of the GooglePlus bar.

+Photo Zoom - Easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream. Photo Viewer for Google+ is another option.

GTools+ - Change the default color (red) of the notification bubble, and other tools.

Google Plusbar (a bookmarklet) - Access to BBC News, Al Jazeera, Amazing Radio, Grooveshark, TWiT, and Pirillo seamlessly integrated into the top of your Google+ Stream.

Beautify G+ - Enhances the look of Google+ and allows you to +1 any website you are on.

G+ Count in Title - Places the G+ notification count in parenthesis in the document title located in the page tab.

Plus One Anything - Adds the ability to +1 most web pages. Google +1 provides the same functionality.

Helper for Google+ - Share Google+ Posts with people on twitter and translate posts with Google Translate.

Replies and more for Google+ - Adds reply and reply-to-author links, and other tweaks.

G+ Count Favicon - Replaces the favicon on with one that shows the current notification count.

QuickView for Google Plus - Adds QuickView style keyboard shortcuts for Google Plus.

Like+1 - Turns Like buttons into Like+1 buttons so you can Like and +1 at the same time.

g+ Stream Pruning - Hide certain posters from any of your streams (not blocking).

Google+Tweet - Your Twitter timeline inside G+. (Some questions over the security of this extension have emerged; proceed at own risk.)

Google+Facebook - Facebook's news feed inside G+. (Some questions over the security of this extension have emerged; proceed at own risk.)

Usability Boost for Google Plus - This extension will help you visualize the flow of informations on Google Plus.

Google+ Ultimate - Changes the look of G+ as well as making the top black bar and the left side bar float.

Google+ Tweaks - Tweaks to the layout and features of Google+ (Google "Plus") Full width, thumbnails only, etc.

Google+ Comments - Collapse comments on Google+ and just show a count under the original post.

GIF Stopper - Stops animated GIFs from running in G+ and other sites.

GPlus+ Search - Search Public GPlus Content

G+me for Google+ - Chrome extension that collapses the Google+ stream into a real-time dashboard

Google Plus Bar Minus - You can turn on/off the google bar

Check back for more as I will add them when more are created (or, delete if they become inactive). If you know of other extensions for Google+ please share in the comments. Enjoy +'ing!

(Last edited November 22, 2011)