Monday, February 14, 2011

Minus File Sharing Updates

Minus is a very simple file sharing tool with drag and drop capabilities or traditional uploading. Today they sent their first newsletter full of updates and where they are headed. If you are looking for a simple file sharing platform you should check it out. Still small, fast moving, and not official funded (from what I can tell), they have shown what they are capable of in a short time (founded October, 2010). I am sure there are many things to come from them. They have some downloadable clients to accompany the website.

Some of the new features:

  • Desktop and mobile application for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android is now available
  • Upload and share anything including music, documents, and more
  • Custom gallery URLs
  • Can now add captions to photos and files
  • Preferences page added to change email & password
  • Minus API is now updated with user authentication and user galleries support

Upcoming features:

  • Minus for iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry
  • Music and video player in galleries along with a document reader
  • User profiles with ability to subscribe to other users galleries
  • UI updates
  • Password protection for galleries

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