Thursday, February 24, 2011 to become our internet ID?

Update: has shutdown as of February 2013. has launched today and aims to be our, lets call it, I-ID (internet identification) service. Have you ever wondered if that Facebook person, Twitter follower, or LinkedIn connection is really that person? aims to fix that with there verification service and browser extension. I have signed up and given it all a test run and everything is working as advertised.

The service uses many information points to verify who you are (more information on how they do that can be found here). I did hesitate for a moment when they asked for the last 4 of my SSN, but after my checking on them I was comfortable with doing so. To be successful the online identity service needs users, lots of users. With their API in the works and a top notch team it is certainly a possibility.

We do need an I-ID system because the anonymous internet is becoming annoying and destructive. You can sign-up here and use promotional code TNW224 to get a vanity URL for free during the beta test.

Note: I am having an issue with my Facebook connection/verification, but it seems to not be widespread as I see other users are working. They responded to my contact within 10 minutes letting me know a support engineer was looking into it. I will report back on that.

Update: (2/25 at 12:27 PM) I have not heard back from them, but found the issue to be with Chrome (versions tried were 10.0.648.116 on Chrome OS version and 10.0.648.119 on Windows 7 SP1). I was able to get it to work by deleting the app from Facebook then starting fresh using IE8.'s homepage

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