Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Google Talk Guru Breaks Technological Ground With A Chatbot

Google Labs has launched a new experimental product that ushers in a new era of access to information. Or, not! Google Talk Guru mimics the chatbox of yesteryears allowing you to type a simple syntax and receive a automated response. Knowing Google they have something more up their sleeve with this; at least I hope they do. Although, if you are in chat already this is a faster way to get information than doing a full Google search. Calling it an experiment coming from Google Labs is odd. It should have just been fully launched as a simple little tool.

To set it up:
  • Sign into a chat client that supports Google Talk
  • Send a chat invitation to guru@googlelabs.com or click the "Invite myself to chat with Guru" link at http://guru.googlelabs.com.
  • Find guru in your contact list and send chat queries to guru

Below are some examples you can try using Google Chat in Gmail or any Google Talk client once you set it up:

Sport scores:
score Arsenal
weather Nairobi
123 * 45
120 KES to USD
define laptop
translate earth to French
Web result:
web Mount Kenya
help translate

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