Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Google's New Profiles Have Launched - A Full Look At The Changes

Google has rolled out their new profile design, and it is pretty slick. The look is very Facebook'ish; it is simpler, but has more information; they even removed a few things. Below is what has been added, removed, and a photo comparison of my profile.

You may notice your profile flipping back and forth depending on how you access it; this is expected until the transition is complete. If you visit through you should be able to force it if needed.

Added/Changed Features
  • Short bio is now the Introduction
  • What I do is now Occupation
  • Companies I've worked for and Current company are now Employment which has Job title and Start and End dates added
  • Schools I've attended is now Education with Start and End dates added
  • Relationship has been added
  • Looking for has been added
  • Other names has been added
  • Interests is now The 10 words that describe you best
  • Information area on left side
  • You can upload photos directly to your profile through Picasa

Removed Items
  • Link to photos on Flickr is gone; you can only use Picasa now (That is why my profile has no pictures.)
  • Location from Google Latitude is out
  • Status from Google Chat has been removed
  • Google Sidewiki tab is gone

Screenshots of the new and old design:
New Design

Old Design

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