Monday, March 14, 2011

My wish for Google Docs

Google Docs is great, but it is lacking in one area. Like many people I use the service to backup documents, photos, and videos; I even purchased additional storage. Because my primary and backup drives are at the same location I am not really protected in case of a major event. So I use Google Documents as an additional backup for some important files.

The missing link? Hierarchy. During the upload process you can not upload one folder that has subfolders and all the files in those folders. You can only upload files to already established folders and subfolders known as collections. Therefore if you wish to backup you must go through and create the folders in Document then upload one folder/subfolder's files at a time.

Do you have any wishes?

Another one of mine is for it to convert .sam (Ami Pro) files to current open document standards.

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