Thursday, March 17, 2011

T-Mobile adds Wi-Fi calling, and I turned it off!

Today I woke up to find an update was available for my Motorola Charm through T-Mobile. For a moment I got excited thinking I may be upgraded from Android 2.1, until I remembered they are not upgrading my phone. After reading the highlights (outlined below) I thought the Wi-Fi calling was a step forward as a standard feature. I use other solutions, but the average user needs something simple and built-in.

My dreams and hopes where shot down fast. After the update and restart I was welcomed with a message stating calls over Wi-Fi use my cellular plan minutes. Really? So, I use my network connection and you still charge me? Not today T-Mobile. I promptly disabled that "feature". The rest of the update had some good behind the scenes updates, but horrendously includes more applications you can not remove. Leo Getz is still right about cell phones!

  • Wi-Fi calling - Added Wi-Fi calling, a solution for coverage issues in and around the home or wherever cellular coverage is limited. Wi-Fi Calling works anywhere there is an open Wi-Fi signal available.
  • Other new applications - Added SlackerRadio and NAB applications
  • Phone stability - Numerous fixes have been implemented, resulting in fewer occurrences of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly
  • Calendar - Corrected several errors related to calendar functionality
  • Battery - Improved battery performance for longer battery life
  • Security - Installed new Google security patches
  • Audio - Songs downloaded from Amazon MP3 are now visible in Connected Music Player
  • Screen - Improved touchscreen responsiveness
  • Text messaging - Last message is now shown instead of first
  • Speaker - Improved audio quality

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