Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google+ and Gmail Integration

Gmail's user base is around two hundred million while Google+'s is around ten million. Bringing all those users to G+ will certainly help the new network expand and with the plus bar they are working towards that. The blending these two could make Google in to a communication powerhouse. Below are some of my thoughts on how to do that.

  • On a reply or when sending a message (email), have the ability to send to a Circle much like things can be sent to email groups today. I could type "Family Circle" and when I send the "email" the message would post to Google+ to that circle. It should also be possible to direct a message to an individual on to the G+ platform. Any combination should be allowed; I should be able to send one message to one person via a G+ post, to another's email, and to a full circle. (Signature lines and quoted text being replied to should not be allowed when posting to G+.)
  • My "from" option in Gmail should have an option to send it from my Google+ account so a reply to my email comes in to G+ as a limited post to me.
  • If I choose to send from my Google+ account to a Circle it essentially becomes only a Google+ post; not an email. But, a history of the message/post should be kept in Gmail. Comments on my post would then follow my email notification settings inside G+.
  • Add/integrate Google+ profile and profile data to the new area in Gmail, top right, that shows recent interactions and contacts details. The person's profile image, recent posts, and other things could be shown. This could be done for everyone, not just contacts. You could see what circles they are in and also manage the circles right there to be able to add people you do not have in circles or change what circles people are in. When mousing over the sender of an email you have open, it would display a pop up like today, but show this information.
  • Gmail could automatically tag emails received from from people you have in your circles with the circle name(s).
  • Have the ability to highlight an image, text, or link form an email and click on Share in the +bar. What was highlighted would automatically be pulled in to the share window for fast posting. Similar things can be done from chat to post to G+
  • Have the Chat that is inside Gmail show the circle chat friends we see in plus.google.com

My vision is for Google to blur the line between emailing, messaging, and posting into one seamless communication platform.