Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Google+ User Etiquette and Protocol

A guide of how to use Google+ and interact with others:
  1. If your comment on a post (share) is the same or of equal meaning to another comment before yours please +1 that comment instead of giving your own individual reply.
  2. Mentioning (+ or @) someone in a post or comment should be done with care. If mentioning is over used, even with good intentions, it will be come irrelevant. Mentioning a high profile individual should be a rare and special event unless you know them personally.
    1. Posts: If your post is only to one person mentioning is not needed. To ask a question you may mention someone that has the proper skills or knowledge to answer the question. For example; If the question is about Google+ determine which employee is best to engage and only mention that one employee. Do should not mention multiple people with the purpose of drawing their attention to the post; if they wanted to follow you they would.
    2. Comments: If the post is to a limited group, or even on a public post with low engagement, mentioning is not needed. It is OK to do it on post with high engagement to direct your reply or question to a particular user. It may even be used to draw in a third party to the conversation.
  3. If you see 5 (five) or more re-shares of the same post the likelihood that most of your followers have seen it is high. Another re-share is not needed. If you enjoyed the post you can +1 the original.
  4. You should not follow (add to circles) more people than you can read, comment, and engage with. Following thousands of users for the sole purpose of attempting to increase your followers is not tolerated.
  5. Start off slow, engage, and learn the ropes. It raises questions when a seasoned user sees a new person that signed up less than 48 hours ago that is following over a thousand people and only has five followers.
  6. Any form of harassment or derogatory behavior will be reported. As a member of the community you are obligated to report this behavior and step in if needed to stop it and defend another user.

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