Friday, July 15, 2011

Sled by Yahoo!

Update August 31, 2011: Sled is shutting down this week, but will live on as an open source project called Postmile.

Yesterday I can across this post about and since I pretty much like to test and try everything I signed up. My expectation, like many of these new sites, is for it to be an interesting experiment with a cool UI.

That all changed with the next bit of information:

Experimental Service Terms and Conditions
  • Sled is an experimental service from Yahoo!.
  • This is a beta service, released without any warranties, and may be discontinued at any time. As an in-development product, data loss is possible.
  • By using Sled, you agree that Yahoo! will be scanning, analyzing, and using any content you contribute to Sled to, among other things, provide personally relevant product features and content, match and serve targeted advertising, detect spam and malware, and protect against abuse.
  • By inviting others to participate in your sleds, you are giving them permission to view the details, items, comments, and any other content included in that sled, as well as giving them the right to invite others.
  • We will not share user information, including emails and other contacts, outside of the Sled experience. The Yahoo!, Twitter, or Facebook accounts you use to sign-into Sled will not be used for any other purpose without your explicit consent.
  • Additional terms will be posted in the near future, at which time, you will have to accept the new terms in order to continue using the service.
  • By accepting these terms you certify that you have read and agree to the Yahoo! Terms of Service, and Yahoo! Privacy Policy.

My eyes start scanning the page (screenshot below)... Copyright © 2011 Yahoo!. All rights reserved is at bottom right. The privacy, copyright, and terms all mention Yahoo!.

What is Sled?
Sled is an experiment.

There is a lot we don't know about how to make our daily lives more productive and organized, and how to collaborate better. What we do know is that the wide range of tools and services available to us are, generally speaking, not very helpful. Everything is either too limited or too complicated. Usually too complicated.

Sled is a collaborative list making tool with a strong focus on life events and collaboration between friends and family. Planning a party, a move, getting ready for a new baby, planning a trip, organizing a junior soccer league, or preparing for a marathon, are some of the efforts we hope Sled to be useful for.

Our goal with Sled is to provide a simple and useful tool, and we hope you will find it helpful. But we are also here to learn and observe. We know what doesn't work, but figuring out what does requires experimentation. We hope you join us.

Sled is basically a collaborative list creation and tracking tool with the ability to assign and track items. Keep and eye on their blog for more information. Now, the screenshots:

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