Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Timerrr - Countdown Like The Old Days

Why change a classic? Timerrr.com brings the kitchen timer we all know and love to the web. Tom from Timerrr said in an email interview:
"The idea behind the website was to mimic the image and functionality of a real kitchen timer. For that reason I have no plans of adding new features as a regular kitchen timer does only one thing. I also accepted all the limitations of a kitchen timer (it only goes from 0 to 59 minutes at 1 minute intervals). I decided to be very consistent about it."
The website site will always be free and may offer different timer styles in the future, but will hold true to the design, and limitations, of the classic mechanical timer. It is very useful whether you are cooking brownies or catching a nap. Just be sure you have your volume up!

I hope the classic ticking during countdown can be added. That was one thing you could count on to listen for to find out if you missed the alarm without looking at it. One nice "digital" feature is that a little clock slides in from the bottom to count up from your alarm to show how much time has elapsed in case you missed it.

Staying true to the original design is hard! At first I wished the timer would continually alarm until I acknowledged it. After a few uses I began to appreciate the timeless style and could even smell the brownies my mom used to make; when that timer went off my brother and I would run upstairs to the kitchen for some warm goodness. You can follow Timerrr on Twitter.

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