Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharing Is Made Easy With Handpick

What happened to being able to share things you found on the internet fast and easy with your friends and family? In the early days if we came across an interesting message board post, picture, or website we would quickly let our fellow AOL users know. This new found communication channel proved to be reliable and speedy, and everyone had it. It was called email!

Email is still with us today and is the number one electronic communication channel, even though it is not as cutting edge or sexy as Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. Everyone has an email address, everyone checks it (mostly), and it does not matter if their provider is Gmail or Lycos.

Handpick simplifies sharing by using email as it's notification tool. The improvement is that you do not need to copy and paste links one at a time into an email and your shares are sent once a day. By using a Chrome extension or bookmarklet sharing is one click away from whatever webpage you are on. The link and link's title are automatically gathered for the share.

When you share a page you are doing so to a group that is predefined or that can be made on the fly. Groups can have as many, or as few, people as you want. Set one up for your family, friends, work friends, professional contacts, and even yourself as a way to save pages to read later. Your group's email is sent once per day and includes all links shared. Group options include:
  • You can allow other members of group to also sent links to your group
  • Emails can be sent with the recipients in the BCC field so that know one knows the other groups members
  • The time to send the daily digest email can be adjusted

Handpick was created by Alvin Lai (on Twitter) and is currently in private beta. You can sign-up on the homepage to try it out; it only took a day for me to get my invite.

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