Sunday, December 4, 2011

Listen To Your Tweets With The Social Radio For Twitter

The Social Radio is a new app on the Android Market that mixes your tweets and music together. The company is a winner of Start-Up Chile, and now that they have released the Android application, they are continuing work on versions for iOS, BlackBerry, and web. The team is made up of Roberto Gluck, Alejandra Negrete, Demian Renzulli, and Facundo Arena.

After installing it you quickly link your Twitter account via OAuth and you are off and running. It starts up by reading some of your recent tweets then sits in idle waiting for new ones (you can adjust the checking interval in the settings). The app runs in the background so that you can continue doing other things. Male and female voices alternate the reading, which isn't bad; there are a some words and phrases that get jumbled up, but you can usually figure out what they are saying. It accurately lets you know when there is a hashtag and links are interpreted by reading you the non-shortened domain name only (nothing after the first forward slash).

Oh yea; the music. You can play music that is on your SD card and it will automatically cut in with a nice news-like intro when you have new tweets to listen to. The music part is completely optional and I found it nice to just let my phone sit on the table and listen to my timeline as it came in with silence in between. If I heard something of interest I would go out to Twitter to click on the link. This can also be used while running or driving, but since you are not able to act on the tweet it works best for news, weather, and other informational (non-actionable) tweets.

A nice feature to add would be a way to save a tweet. Maybe by clicking a button to have the tweet being read emailed to yourself or saved in the app somehow. Otherwise, I can envision people writing down things to check or trying to remember what they heard when they get home.

I am really looking forward to the web version. Watching your Twitter timeline is one of the most time consuming activities if you are a heavy social media user or publisher. By listening to it you are freeing up your eyes to monitor other networks or complete other activities. Keep up with them on Twitter, Facebook, or their blog.

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