Monday, March 7, 2011

Gowalla's Android Application Has Been Overhauled in Version 3.0

Gowalla releases version 3 that includes a full user interface overhaul. Upon logging in you will have a passport view that will give you a snapshot of your profile; including your stamp, pin, and photo counts. In addition there are icons for Check in, Activity, Spots, Trips, Friends, and Settings. Notifications will splash across the bottom of the page. They also added push notifications for users with Android 2.2 and above so that you will receive notifications when a friend checks in or makes a comment about your own comment or check in. The changes are on every page and have really enhanced my experience using it. There are so many changes that you will have to download it to see everything.

They have done a wonderful job and have always been, in my opinion, the best check in application and website. They have great attention to detail and intuitive designs that are much better than SCVNGR or Foursquare.

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