Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Facebook Scares and Annoys Me Sometimes (Thoughts and the Future)

Why? Because it is no longer a website; it has become a portal to a intranet on the internet that has tentacles reaching to every website. It is the overlord, the walled garden, and the Grand Poobah of the world wide web.

WWW2? Facebook's in-webpage world is vast. You can play games, watch movies, spend money, share photos, upload videos, and so much more. AOL 2.0 internet access is rearing its head under the code name of Facebook.

Websites? When was the last time you saw a commercial directing you to a website? They seem to all direct you to their Facebook Page and ask you to Like them. The consumer web is moving inside of Facebook's control. Companies still have websites of course, but that is no longer the destination for many. Scary.

Spam? I spend to much time blocking things in my Facebook news feed. All the Likes are the equivalent of spamming your friends with emails promoting products. I am starting to feel like I am on Myspace. Oh, and those applications that allow you to create something artistic out of the new profile image layout are annoying! Those gaming application can drive you crazy! I don't need to know every single thing my friend does.

Comments? They recently rolled out their commenting system that can be incorporated into any website. This further ties you to Facebook, feeds their coffers, and fills your news feed. I will be sticking with Disqus here.

Movies? You can now rent movies on Facebook and watch them in FBland. Joy, more stuff to see and know about your friends.

TL;DR? Facebook is getting to big and should slow down to focus on improving. A revolt is looming. Just like the exodus from Myspace to Facebook there will be one from Facebook too. Until then, see you on Facebook. Please hurry up +1.

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