Friday, April 1, 2011

Pixable crosses the April Fool's Day joke line

Pixable uses their email contact list to draw you to their Facebook app on April Fool's Day. I am all for a good joke, but this crosses that imaginary line. Of course this is fake and I even almost marked the email as spam. Clicking through brings you to their app and an April Fool's category of pictures. As you scroll through there you are presented with some pop-ups to notify your friends and things, and if you are not careful, you could be spamming them. At least now I remembered I gave them access at one point and can promptly remove the app from my Facebook account. Bye Photofeed by Pixable! (Update below the image.)

Update: Pixable emailed a thoughtful and sincere apology (below) that I appreciated. From my point of view the difference with the LinkedIn prank was that you only saw it when you went to the site; they did not send out connection requests from J. R. R. Tolkien. Pixable's intentions where not malicious and taking the time to send the email to me shows great customer service.
Hi Dain, hope all is well. 
I just saw your tweet about pixable's email. 
I want to personally apologize for it. We sent out the e-mail to have it simply taken as a harmless prank, possibly getting you excited about the possibility of seeing Ashton's comment, and then to be later just taken to the best April Fools' photos of the day.

To be completely honest, were only inspired by LinkedIn's joke, and as fans of Ashton, we thought it'd be fun. 
We never meant it to be misleading in a harmful way, and again, apologize for any trouble it may have caused you. 
We've made some changes to the category in order for it to be 10X clearer this is an April Fool's joke. (You can see it at the previous link or at 
If you have any further comments of feedback, please send it my way; we would really appreciate it. 
Best regards, 
Noah Slimak | Product Manager | Pixable Inc.
Thank you for the email Noah.

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