Friday, April 1, 2011

Vwho - An Interesting Take On Online Video

I came across Vwho today and have been playing around with it. For being so simple it certainly brings a new vision to online video searching and watching.

Vwho is a completely new way to watch online videos. Unlike other video sites which provide you links to illegal and copyright infringed content, or even worse hosting the material itself, Vwho does neither. Vwho is a real-time search engine, and all searches are done in real time, and from your browser. In other words, search queries and search results, do not pass through our site or domain, and are completely unknown to Vwho - furthermore, no video content or links to video content are stored or pass through our servers, ever. Vwho is essentially a search engine, which searches the internet at the time you request the search. What you search for using Vwho is up to you and as such is your responsibility. Vwho is a search engine for videos, just as Google is a search engine for web pages.  
Vwho is designed to work and look like a television. So if you search for a subject, for example "science" , Vwho will go out and search the internet for videos which match the term "science" and begin playing what it finds. As one video finishes, the next video will begin, so there is no need to get up, just sit back, and watch videos one after the after - just like television. If you don't like the video you are watching, you can simply click the skip button to start playing the next found video.

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  1. Are you taking into consideration Netflix, Hulu,'s video rental, itunes, or any network or cable TV sites which also allow you to watch videos for little or no cost? Are you aware that YouTube removes any copyrighted material upon notification of infringement?