Saturday, July 9, 2011

Your New Social Hub

Google+ is not only a new social network, it can also be turned in to your main social destination. With two new Chrome extensions you can access your Twitter stream with full functionality and your Facebook news feed with the ability to update your status. Both feeds are inserted in the page to allow seamless switching between all three.

EDIT: Some questions over the security of these extensions have emerged; proceed at own risk.

This format will come in real handy for people that are looking to transition away from Facebook and/or Twitter. There will be a transition period until most of your friends, family, and contacts make their way to G+. On the other hand, if you intend to maintain a presence on all three networks you can do that with ease using these extensions.

They are Google+Facebook and Google+Tweet. I have found it is best to install the Facebook one first and set it up, then install Twitter. (The Facebook extension is not an approved Chrome app; proceed with caution.)

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