Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Redesigns

Tonight rolled out an update to their website. It is very nice and a lot more eye appealing than it's predecessor with simplified navigation. Even more focus is given to the Q&A aspect of the search engine.

Asking People Is Easier
Now you can ask people a question without going to the search results page first. If they have an existing answer, it will show right below the question box.

Simplified Navigation helps you find answers, whether they're from the web or real people. The top navigation now reflects that with two tabs: "Search the Web" and "Ask People" (previously labeled "Community").

Answer Directly
It is now easier to answer questions. If you come across a question that needs an answer, just use the new answer box right below it to answer.

Thumbs Up
Positive feedback is important so keep giving those Thumbs Up for answers that are worthy. If you find a question that needs attention you can use "Report as" rather than Thumbs Down.

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