Thursday, September 1, 2011

NoQ Lets Australians Skip The Food Queue

NoQ has made its debut in Australia! With the iPhone app you can order your takeout food or coffee ahead of time to avoid the lines. The built in credit card payment solution allows you to securely pay for your order using a PIN you previously selected (good idea in case you ever lost your phone).

The app lets you search for participating locations near you, by food items, or you can browse the menu of one of the current vendors. Once your order is completed you will be given a pick-up time and code. Just show the code at the counter when you get there and you will be ready to feast! Be sure to hide that evil smirk as you walk out the door in front of all the people waiting. Stores only need a computer and internet connection to connect with the service and their customers.

Keep up with NoQ on Facebook and Twitter. It is nice to see this space heating up; ChowNow and Spotze are solutions in the US.

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