Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spotze Is Gearing Up To Take Over The Hospitality Industry

Spotze released the below demo video of their product yesterday and the potential has me excited. It initially launched as a small beta in Boulder, CO, but was pulled back to broaden the scope beyond full service restaurants and to make improvements from lessons learned. Hotels, stadiums, small places like coffee shops and bars, as well as restaurants are all on the agenda to disrupt.

The essence of the service and app is to enhance the customer experience and allow easier, faster, and more efficient communication between the establishment and patron. It is a benefit to both parties as they describe:
"Spotze is a mobile device technology that creates a location specific interaction between buyers and sellers inside an existing space. Items are explored, orders are submitted and payment is handled directly through a mobile device. In addition, this dual sided application allows the seller to push communication back to the buyer. Offer a spur-the-moment happy hour, suggest a new dessert, or reward a loyal customer with a free meal on the next visit."
You can follow the teams progress on Twitter, Facebook, and AngelList. The previous version of the app is still available on iTunes, but I fully expect an overhaul with it's new wider direction. Based on what I am seeing I would not be surprised to see it go live soon in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boulder.

Is, or was, there an investment by Google Ventures? Spotze has office space at Trada through their CodeSpace program and was at a Q&A session with Rich Miner from Google Ventures. They retweeted a Tweet about it! If I was Rich and saw this product I would certainly consider an investment. We shall see when they officially (re)launch.



    too late to the party

  2. From what I gather ChowNow is an online ordering solution, while Spotze is designed to be used at the location.