Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MoBubble To Help Connect With Consumers With Service Providers

MoBubble looks to be an interesting and really useful iPhone app that is currently in beta test. From reading their blog I believe users can expect a slick app that will connect people with businesses in your local area.

Consumers would be able to see who is offering what in their area and businesses can find what people are looking for. You really could build a business based on what people need, but are not getting. The app should also be simple for consumers to search and find services they require. A reputation system will be part of it along with many other features, including social integration.

I hope an Android app will follow and that there will be a web interface. You can follow their progress on Twitter and Facebook. Founded by Stephen Boyd, John Eisberg, and David Knell. Like many new technology companies it's success depends on wide (or regional) adoption, heavy promotion, and time.

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