Monday, September 26, 2011

Google+ Embeddable Widget That Uses API

A new Google+ widget is out that improves upon a previous one by taking advantage of the Google+ API. This widget was created, and is maintained, by Florian Bersier with a great set of features and options so that you can customize it to fit seamlessly into your website according to your needs. Google App Engine is used to maintain the speed and uptime of this JavaScript and jQuery coded application that uses JSON and YQL.

You can select the number of public posts to display and choose the background, border, text, and link color. Width, padding, and border radius are also adjustable; height adjusts automatically. The header and footer can be turned on/off as well as favicons of the content, if any, linked to on Google+.

Having the count of people that circled the person and number of +1's per post is really nice. The functionality will certainly get better as Google expands the API. With read only capabilities right now having dynamic interactions is not possible. Even still, this is a great widget to put on your website to gain more circlers. Just head over to the Google+ Widget website to start building your version.

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