Monday, September 26, 2011

Soragora Seeks Users To Test Their Augmented Reality Android App

Soragora has released their local discovery application on the Android market for alpha testing. It began it's life as HoneyPot, to be used on the UC Berkeley grounds to allow visitors to take self-guided tours. The prototype app won many awards at Berkeley's 2011 Web Application Competition.

This augmented reality Android app is designed to help you learn and discover new places whether you are on vacation or around your home area. Soragora is live for testing in the San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Berkeley areas. If you would like to try it out and do not live in those areas just let them know, and they will work on launching in your area. Soragora was founded by Darrel Sumi and Neil Sharma. They describe Soragora as a service to:
Provide you with a fast, easy, and intuitive way to discover and engage with new places around you. Soragora Alpha is designed to help you discover and learn about buildings, shops, restaurants, and landmarks in your immediate surroundings.
If you live in a covered area please download Soragora and share your thoughts in the comments below. You can follow their progress on Twitter and Facebook.

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