Thursday, October 27, 2011

Desk And Coffee To Provide Workspace

Desk and Coffee is a startup to watch by Lucas Marinho that will allow you to find a workspace wherever you are in the world. In essence, it will allow companies to offer up empty space for temporary use by anyone. Companies worldwide will be able to setup profiles so that people in need of a work location can determine if the environment will be a good fit for them. There is no word on pricing, but there must be a cost to the end user.

For the at home worker this can be a nice opportunity to get away from the home office or to have a better work location while traveling than the hotel room. I find the workplace environment can foster new connections and innovation and would be a welcome change to many. It is a win-win situation with companies making money off their extra cubicles and workers enjoying the benefits of an office.

There are two domains for the service that offer different information; I am sure and will be consolidated and streamlined to one domain upon official launch. When exploring the sites I found a connection to LinkedIn and upon further research it appears the service will use LinkedIn as it's identity validation service.

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