Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Freegler Facilitates The Rental Of Anything

Freegler allows you to rent the things you need instead of purchasing your own. Collaborative consumption is a way of living that provides access to the tools you need without owning them. If I took a look in your garage would I see a ladder for each person or does the family own just one for the household? Why not expand that the the neighborhood, and even to the town level? If you do that, then the family that bought that 20 foot ladder for one job can rent it out to recoup some of their cost and everyone else can save money by not purchasing their own.

Mark Bathie created Freegler out of his passion for the environment and community living. He launched the website where you can rent things from around town, be it a tent, surfboard, or belt sander. It is free to post items that are available to rent which are then searchable and appear on your profile (example).

The poster sets the daily rental rate as well as the security deposit amount. Once an item is rented, and before pick-up, the person renting pays Freegler which holds the money until the item is brought back. At that time the security deposit is returned and the proceeds are forwarded to the property owner. The proceeds are the rental fees minus a 5.5% admin fee and a $1.00 transaction fee. The full details are available here. Along the way both parties rate and comment on the person and item to build a trusted community.

I really like this and think it can become a great place to rent the things you need. It will surely take some time to expand and build a substantial database of items, but considering it is free to post there is nothing holding people back from helping out their neighbors and making a few bucks in the process. You can keep up with Freegler on Facebook and Twitter along with the founder Mark Bathie on Twitter.

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  1. Freegler is a lovely idea.

    There’s also a free community based alternative, run as a not for profit – Friends with Things:

    I’ve been involved and sharing there for the last year, it’s well worth checking out.