Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gametel Morphs Your Android Phone Into A Gaming System

The Gametel attachment by Fructel will turn any Android device into a true gaming unit. One of the main reasons I do not play many of the games on my Android phone is because with the touchscreen they are just not as enjoyable and lack needed finite control, never mind my finger covers up the action! I believe one of the reasons Angry Birds is so successful is that it is perfectly designed for touchscreen play but what about everything else? The Gametel unit will bring familiar D-pad controls to racing, RPG, and arcade games built for the Android ecosystem.

Gametel wirelessly connects to your android phone or tablet using Bluetooth after installing the Gametel driver from the Android Market; directions. The rubber clamps let you combine the controller and a phone into one cohesive device for a true handheld experience. Or, you can keep it separate when playing games on a tablet or TV (via HDMI from your device). According to the specifications you can get up to nine hours of play time.

The new gaming controller will be compatible with Android 2.1 and later and is set to be available in December. There is already a list of games that can be controlled with it, with many more coming. Sign-up here to be notified when it is officially launched; pricing looks to be around $75.00 and could be a hot item this season.