Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wantlet Launches An iOS App In Conjunction With A New Direction And Design

Social shopping planning and recommendation service Wantlet, that originally provided want lists, feedback, and the platform to bring in your Facebook and Twitter friends' advice, has made a pivot. We can assume that the service that launched a little over one year ago and landed at SXSW has not gained enough tracking in its current form.

The new service and redesign has made it an easy to use local product search engine. The homepage states:
We want to help you find the stores in your neighborhood that sell products you really need. We're also a mobile app, check us out from the App Store!
As said above they have just launched an iOS app so that you can find the products you are looking for around your current location using an optimized program. For Android, Windows Phone, and everyone else you can simply pull up the website in your mobile browser.

The number of retailers is pretty small (they are looking for more) and I could not find a place to purchase some common items. My town is tiny so I tried Boston and New York for some products and didn't have much luck either. Another issue is that searches are case sensitive, for example "iphone" will not display the same results that "iPhone" does. There is certainly work to do, but I am happy to see Wantlet trying a new direction instead of closing up shop.

To further promote they have joined the traffic generating site Pinterest where they pin interesting product finds every day. Joining their community on Twitter, Facebook, and Posterous will keep you up to date. Will you try it out or are you content with the way you shop today? If you do give Wantlet a test run share your thoughts below.

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