Saturday, May 12, 2012

TraitPerception - Crowd-Based Trait Measurement And Reputation

TraitPerception uses behavioral questions to determine your traits as rated by your LinkedIn or Facebook connections. By crowdsourcing these types of questions from your peers, friends, and family they are able to build an accurate view of how others generally view you.

The way the question are presented plays a pivotal part in the equation and truly sets TraitPerception apart from others in the same arena. You will notice that the questions are not simple yes or no questions and you are never asked to specifically select or type out a list of traits for an individual. It is much more situational and based on your direct and personal perception of the individuals.

Below are some sample questions where you would choose one of the five people presented that has the embedded characteristic.
  • Who might often feel discouraged?
  • Who has a more vivid imagination?
  • Who is most likely to probe deeply into a subject?
  • Who worries most about things?
  • Who is the quickest to understand things?
  • Who is less interested in other people's problems?

You can see how these questions get right to the point. It is nice because they probe your mind as well to make you think of traits you might not have thought of on your own. They are also worded is a manner that is non-confrontational because answering one about a group of five means almost nothing, but get a crowd to do that over and over and with their algorithms you have some powerful information. At least 50 questions need to be answered about a person from a minimum of 10 contacts before a percentile based trait report can be generated. You can almost relate it to an Amazon product review for people says co-founder Juan Cartagena.

The service is still very new and needs to gain a good following to make it relevant, accurate, and useful. Some of the uses could be for an employment application, interview, networking, team building, resume/references, dating, and online commerce. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. The TraitPerception team is Juan Cartagena (CEO), Borja Martín (Chief Dev), and José Ignacio Fernández (CTO). At this time you can either login and rank under your Facebook or LinkedIn account, not both; I hope it is enhanced in the future to connect the accounts. Try out TraitPerception and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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